The Power of (Re)Branding

Feel like your brand is wearing yesterday’s clothes? In business, blending in is like showing up to a party in last year’s fashion. When you’re ready to scale, it’s time to break the mold, shatter expectations, and redefine who you are. We’re here to tell you that (re)branding isn’t just a facelift; it’s a full-blown revolution. Companies come to us not just for a new logo or a catchy tagline—they crave change. They want to stand out and resonate on a whole new level. Let’s take a look at a few of our branding makeovers and how we turned visions into bold realities.

From Blank Canvas to Masterpiece

Starting a new venture is like standing before a canvas of endless possibilities. Intimidating? Absolutely. You want to nail it. Skarlett came to us with a mission to challenge ageist stereotypes. We crafted a brand from scratch to redefine perceptions of the 60+ crowd. Our branding screamed, “C’était mieux après!” (It was better after!)—a bold twist on the old adage. With vibrant colors and a dynamic identity, we created an epicurean, “dolce vita” brand that invites seniors to embrace life, backed by a user-friendly, engaging website.

Crafting Identity Amidst Giants

Ever feel overshadowed by a big sibling? We’ve guided brands like Ircam Amplify in carving out their own unique identity. The audio industry is booming, and despite its prestigious roots, Ircam Amplify needed to stand out. Our challenge? Craft a brand that mirrors their uniqueness and positions them as a global powerhouse in sound innovation. The result? A brand that blends tradition with groundbreaking innovation, making waves in the audio world.

Rebranding to Become a Giant

Growth can sometimes make your brand look like it’s still in middle school. Swile's journey from local player to global sensation shows how we can transform that. We took their vibrant, youthful energy and added a touch of sophistication. The "Swile effect" is all about energy, swing, and power. With a new app icon that makes you want to work and smile, a bespoke typeface that’s both professional and fun, and a dynamic color gradient that radiates Swile’s spirit, we created a brand that not only stands out but exudes confidence and innovation. Swile now inspires positivity and forward-thinking in workplaces worldwide.

Creating Coherence

Blending different cuisines into one dish requires the perfect recipe—Obypay, a French foodtech leader, needed exactly that. In a sector brimming with diverse actors and complex offers, simplicity is key. We rebranded Obypay to navigate innovation and digital transformation, crafting a playful, generous identity that showcases their expertise and invites restaurant owners to “team up for success.” This strategic rebranding fostered cohesion and clarity within their diverse network, making Obypay the go-to brand for creating a seamless, successful dining experience.

When Your Brand No Longer Speaks Your Truth

Sometimes a brand no longer fits like your favorite jeans after too many holiday cookies. iBanFirst faced this challenge, evolving from a simple payment provider to the new standard for cross-border transactions. We brought their ambition, agility, and powerful tech to life with dynamic visuals representing their speed and performance. The new brand positions iBanFirst as the preferred partner for ambitious SMBs navigating global markets.

Reviving the Uninspiring

In the fast-paced 2020s, Stations-e needed a brand intervention. Their image risked appearing outdated and undersized. Determined to stand out, we rebranded them as Europe’s most cost-effective charging station. This wasn’t just a makeover; it was a bold spotlight moment. We injected creative energy, transforming their stations into vibrant, accessible daily hubs. The result is a brand that fuses energy and innovation, ready to revolutionise electric mobility.

Unlock Success

Every company’s journey into (re)branding is a unique canvas, demanding a strategic and creative brushstroke tailored to specific needs. Whether starting anew, carving a niche, or revitalising a tired brand, (re)branding is about capturing essence authentically and resonating with the audience. The rewards—enhanced visibility, trust, and a refreshed market presence—make the journey worthwhile.

Wondering if it’s time for your brand’s makeover? If you are, then it probably is. Dare to paint outside the lines and let your brand be the masterpiece it’s destined to become!