From oldies to goldies

They're known as " boomers, old folks, pensioners"....

Preconceptions about people over 60 have been around for a long time.

Not only they denigrate 1 third of the population, but they are out of step with reality.

Working alongside Skarlett, the newly-created start-up dedicated to the over-60s, we wanted 
to set the record straight and portray seniors as they really are: active, enterprising, lively. In fact, by developing an ecosystem of services for the 60+ population, including equity release and insurance, Skarlett is breaking new ground and adopting a totally disruptive stance on the sector.

And shaking up the codes means shaking up the old adages. So for this branding project, 
we've decided to turn "c'était mieux avant" (it was better before) into "C'était mieux après" 
(it was better after)!



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Prismic)


Enya Achi

Coline Ferru

Fanny Guilhen
Axel Sigurdsson

Davil Pavel

Frédéric Legall

Rock n’ Old: the new wave

Our rebranding approach was instinctive: to create a powerful and empowering narrative, enhanced by an ultra-modern visual identity bursting with vitality, originality and movement. Far from the industry's often dull references, our artistic direction conveys a sense of claim and joy of living. We wanted to invite the target audience into a joyful territory, notably with a unique logo whose curves are inspired by the “dolce vita" philosophy.

Carpe diem: age is just a number

The new positioning reflects a singular epicurean vision that restores the power to the 60+ and defines them as a whole new wave ready to blossom. This is why we've paid particular attention to the photos, that re-establish the truth about the over-60s and showcase them in the carpe diem spirit they never lost.

Special thanks

We're proud to have designed a brand that inspires and empowers all along with a website that embodies its essence. Special thanks to the Skarlett team, Benjamin, Raphael, Townley and Anaïs for their confidence and ambition!