Buttery self-expression for all

It’s 2013. Lance Armstrong admits to doping, same sex-marriage is legalised in France, “twerk” and “selfie” make it to the dictionary. And in all of this joyous mess, traditionnal events like weddings, christenings and birthdays start shedding their formal skin. The idea of a classic gift for these events feels more antiquated than ever, yet it seems impossible to find a product that blends quality with quirkiness. In comes Shanty Biscuits, dishing out personalised messages on buttery goodness.

Fast forward a decade, amidst a sea of imitators and three new mouthwatering creatings, Shanty has transformed into a nationwide sensation. Now on the brink of a new era, they’re ready for a major makeover.

We’ve been on this wild ride with Shanty Biscuits from the beginning. In fact, Shanty was one of our first brands, a decade back. Shanty’s personality has always captured the attention, gathering a massive online following. Not just sugar enthusiasts; but mostly people who vibe with Shanty’s unapologetic attitude. Even in their best commercial year to date Shanty sticks to an in-your-face style unmatched in the world of food retail.

It was crystal clear — Shanty needed more than just a new look. We had to find a strong, even loud visual language and voice. Embracing vibrant illustrations, bold colours and a scribbled logo, we created an identity system that mirrors their extraordinary essence. Shopping for a custom treat on Shanty’s website is your ticket to Shantyland, a place where self-expression knows no bounds.


Shanty Biscuits

Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Shopify)


Fanny Guilhen

Coline Ferru
Camille Dechartres
Constant Revest

Valentin Escané
David Pavel

Grégoire Machavoine
Séverine Pourtoux

Sweet meets salty

Because its range of customers goes from trashy interventions to heart-melting wedding anniversaries, Shanty had to keep a double personality. On one side: a sugary-sweet, inviting vibe to ease you into its world. On the flip-side: a bold, daring attitude for the edgy souls. Sex, drugs, rock & roll. Graphic boundaries? There aren’t any! Dark humour and irony? Totally embraced. All served with a dash of glam and feminininity to keep it sassy.

Taste meets tech

Ever heard the saying “you eat with your eyes as well”? On Shanty Biscuits ‘s website it’s not only about the mouthwatering treats, it’s the whole shopping experience. If scrolling through the light mode isn’t doing it for you... choose the dark mode, and bam! Your cursor flips you the bird. Draw on a pic, launch animations on hover, even make a 3D biscuit jiggle. The shantyworld website creates a complete immersion from the get go. Faint hearted people beware !

Shanty meets LORD

We’ve been working with Shanty for a solid decade and we couldn’t be more proud to see how far they’ve come. Reworking their very personal world into their brand identity is proof that authenticity is key to success. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next !