The secret sauce to success

Technology. Innovation. Digital.
Restaurant owners hear these words every day.
Sometimes, it even scares them.
Let’s be real: change isn’t a piece of cake.

This is why, Obypay, one of the french leaders in the foodtech industry decided to give innovation a new meaning.
Whether it's table ordering systems or customer loyalty tricks, the french company is all about joining forces with restaurants and taking them to the next level.

Team spirit: it’s what guided our rebranding.

We imagined a playful and generous identity all along showcasing Obypay’s knowledge and expertise. Through a strong claim inviting restaurant owners to “team up for success”, the brand becomes the choice for victory.



Project type

Branding & Strategy
Verbal identity
Logo Design
Web Design
Front development (Wordpress)
Product design


Enya Achi
Sylvain You
Fanny Guilhen

Camille Dechartres
Fred Le Gall
Valentin Escané

Marine Toux

What’s cooking? A tasty logo!

Mouth-watering, friendly and cheerful, the logo is a tribute to food professionals. We imagined it as the final touch they need in their recipes, the missing ingredient finally found! Prepared with love, it features a smile on the first letter, a joyful typography and a dynamic animation. It’s a perfect way to represent Obypay’s wish to team up with restaurants.

Never disconnected from restaurants

Who says tech has to be cold and detached? Not Obypay!
The rebranding is all about embracing the vibrant, lively world of restaurants. Picture this: photographs that capture the buzz of a busy restaurant, the clink of glasses, the laughter of diners. And the illustrations? They totally reflect the food sector with a pop and fresh touch.

Teamwork always wins

Special thanks to the Obyplayers for their trust and investment in this exciting rebranding project! We're absolutely delighted to introduce a fresh twist on technology among restaurant owners.