Sending startups on orbit

Let’s be real: entrepreneurship is a cutthroat world where only the fittest survive. It doesn't matter if you have the best ideas or the most drive - you still might end up failing miserably. Novapuls offers a glimmer of hope to new startups by providing workspace, cash, and expert guidance to help them get off the ground.

Novapuls came to LORD for a new identity to follow their newfound success: a new place, new mentors and a ton of new companies under their wing. It could be tricky to navigate the different identities of the brands they were accompanying. And with so many brands under their belt, it was a challenge to differentiate them from their protégés. A mere logo overhaul wouldn't cut it. We had to create a visual language that would make Novapuls stand out.

Relying on a custom font, a geometric pattern, and futuristic design elements that paid homage to particle accelerators - essential for a spacecraft to reach the stars. Future-driven and rigorously constructed, the result amplifies the best of what Novapuls stands for.



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Prismic)


Clément Tremblot
Axel Sigurdsson
Fred Legall
Valentin Escané
Vincent Bidaux

Pulse Sans

More than just another business incubator, we worked with Novapuls to better express their unique coaching style and ambitions. Every word spoken by Novapuls is ownable thanks to Pulse Sans, the bespoke font we crafted based on their logo. The font combines futuristic letters with a classic sans serif, giving it a constantly evolving look. This adaptative font symbolises the Novapuls-made transition of startups into companies who can stand on their own two feet.

Inside the rocketship’s engine

Designing for an incubator meant creating a space where entrepreneurs can thrive. Graphic elements representing technological connections foster a sense of kinship between businesses. The tone of voice is clear and gets to the chase. All this leads to a place where partnerships, ambition and a no-bullshit attitude are encouraged.

a building that has a bunch of windows on it

To infinity and beyond

Novapuls is well-positioned to continue supporting startups and helping them grow into successful businesses. This has translated into concrete results for Novapuls, including raising $8 million in 2022. Congrats Hélène, Amélie and Thomas for the amazing outcome!