Money transfers become a vessel for pride, familial love and diversity.

In 2017, Monisnap burst onto the scene, empowering diasporas worldwide to send money to their families back home. This revolutionary app is, to speak bluntly, the modern equivalent of Western Union. No tedious paperwork or unnecessary hassle, 4 million seamless money transfers to date.

When LORD first met the Moni team, we knew they had a fire inside them. They were passionate about making a difference but unsure how to channel that energy. So we got to work, digging deep to uncover what makes the diaspora tick. We knew we had to create a brand that would celebrate their cultures and values - a brand that would make them proud to be part of something bigger than themselves.

The diaspora's generous spirit is a driving force in the fight against global poverty, and Moni is here to make it easy. First, we renamed the company “Moni” - a catchy nickname that's now a badass brand name. Then we created a festive identity that doesn’t shy away from talking about money. The new Moni is all about good vibes, freedom, and the pride that comes with helping friends and family. A brand that says “Sure, we'll handle the boring paperwork, but our real superpower is to spread the love.”



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Webflow)
App Design


Constant Revest
Samantha Weyer-Brown
Clément Tremblot
Audrey Couette
Valentin Escané
Clarisse Talleux
Victoria Lévêque

a person using a laptop computer on a table

Inspired by diversity

Moni's branding is a celebration of diversity. We don't just acknowledge cultural mixes - we celebrate them with a bold and vibrant colour palette where every hue is equally important. The modular logo reflects Moni's versatility - we can adapt to any situation or culture. With Moni, there are no rules, no boundaries, and no limits. We're here to break down barriers and build connections across the globe.

a man in a blue sweatshirt stands against a yellow wall

A memorable user experience

Moni's branding  channels both a joyful view of diversity and a tech-centric approach. The app is designed to make sending money a breeze. But we know that you don't have to be boring to be easy to use. All brand applications are about spreading good vibes, with a touch of fun and loads of energy.

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a mobile phone showing a credit card on the screena billboard in an airport with the words send money send lovea cell phone sitting on top of an orange bencha cell phone with the text vos proches dans votre pochea group of men on a field playing soccera wall painted with different colors and words

Moni matters

Moni's rebranding is more than just a fresh coat of paint. It's a reflection of Moni's commitment to its users, and of the power of technology to make a difference in the world. Kudos to Tristan, Marine and Jean-Baptiste for your dedication!