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Gone are the days of amateur lip-sync videos on YouTube. Content creation is now a serious gig that demands regular revenue streams. Yet due to the constantly evolving algorithms of social media platforms, even the most talented creative contributors still face challenges in getting the recognition they deserve for their hard work. Because it’s not just about who has the biggest community, but also who has the most loyal followers, they now need to work on all platforms. A gargantuan piece of work for only one person.

Enter Marmeladz, the ultimate social media management platform that offers professional support to content creators looking to monetize their work. Not only that, they serve as a bridge between influencers and businesses seeking to expand their reach. Nothing can stop Marmeladz influencers from unleashing the full force of their creativity.

In the highly saturated world of social media content, LORD was tasked to catapult Marmeladz to new heights. Our mission was to infuse their brand with a spirit that matches the influencers' high-octane energy. Think of Marmeladz as a burst of vitamin for internet stars' content. Once you savor it, there's no turning back.



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Product design


Juliette Boué
Samantha Weyer-Brown
Camille Dechartres
Constant Revest
Axel Sigurdsson
Fanny Guilhen

a billboard on the side of a building
a woman's hands holding a cell phone with the app on the screen

Never overshadowed

We’ve rarely been tasked with boosting the reach of a reach-boosting business. With new flashy gradients, glossy 3D renders and a playful tone of voice, Marmeladz can dive head-first into the vibrant world of social media, thrive and stand out from the crowd.

a close up of a person's stomach with buttons on ita close up of a group of different colored bottles

Light-hearted, business oriented

Very few assets with a wide usage range allows us to go super colorful and highly branded, and match any influencer’s energy. But don’t be fooled by its fun attidude : Marmeladz means business. We can easily turn down the brand to sleek and minimalist, optimized for product design.

a billboard with the word enterprise on it
a hand holding a cell phone with the number one on ita person holding a white hat with a light on it
a collage of photos of a man and a woman

Addictive branding

The more we enjoy creating a brand, the more impactful it becomes. A big thank you to Adrien for the boundless enthusiasm!