Forget posed. Forget Filtered. Every photo deserves to be printed.

When Lalalab, the photo printing app with 13 million downloads, came to us, they already knew who they were. Unapologetically feminine, strong-willed, empowering, optimistic and practical. It was time for their brand to finally reflect all of this.

We delved deep into what sets Lalalab apart from classic photo albums, and it came down to one thing - staying real. With an app that allows you to print pictures anytime & anywhere, no photo is off-limits. Completely spontaneous shots, snaps of your favourite meal, mundane images documenting your everyday life - each of these moments is worth capturing and cherishing. So why wouldn’t they be worth printing?

We designed a new branding that truly captures Lalalab's empowering spirit. Starting by shortening the tagline (Take it. Print it. Love it.) to “Love it, Print it” - a simple yet powerful message that speaks to the heart of the brand.  We wanted people to know that any photo they love is worth printing, whether it's a milestone or a blurry shot. The new Lalalab brand allows you to embrace imperfect pictures in all their beauty, and perfect photos in all their corniness.



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Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
App Design


Fanny Guilhen
Clarisse Talleux
Camille Dechartres
Coline Ferru
Valentin Escané
Claire Jaillard
Juliette Boué

a box that is sitting on a shelfa cell phone sitting on top of a wicker table

Live unfiltered

To truly embody Lalalab's core values, it was crucial to create visuals that were authentically honest. So we turned to the Lala team themselves. We scoured their personal collections for real, phone-taken photos that they loved and incorporated them into the brand's iconography.  A bold font and ultra simple layouts give pride of place to the photos. And a signature logo as symbol of their commitment to owning every aspect of the brand, from the words they choose to the images they use.

a bunch of posters on the side of a building
a picture of a person taking a picture of a pizza

Lifestyle with a purpose

Lalalab’s fashion brand-inspired product photography balances the radically honest photos with a soft contemplative tone. Live, love and then slow down to enjoy the memories. Illustrations and brand colours pring a playfulness. Users are encouraged all the way to not take themselves, or their photos, too seriously.

a person holding a photo of two people on a beacha picture of a potted plant on a tablea photo of a couple in their wedding day in the back pocket of a paira calendar hanging on a wall with a picture of a doga woman is holding a large poster with photos on ita photo on a carpet
a scrennshot of the lalalab app
a cell phone with a picture of a basket on ita photo of 2 booksa pink and black advertisement for a print shop

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True happiness lies in appreciating the beauty in raw and unfiltered moments. Thanks in particular to Hélène, Julie, Ilona and Amélie for your trust, conviction and optimism.