Pioneering the Audio Boom

The audio industry is experiencing an unprecedented surge, evolving into a realm of multi-modal, poly-sensory experiences. Did we loose you there? Let’s just say, sound exploration is weaving its way into the very fabric of our lives.

In this context, Ircam Amplify emerges as a key player, driven by the mission to revolutionize the way we experience and use sound with innovative products and solutions for businesses.

But here’s the thing. Despite its roots intertwining with the esteemed Ircam research center, Ircam Amplify sought to establish itself as a distinct entity. The challenge was clear: to forge a brand that reflected their uniqueness, positioning Ircam Amplify as a global powerhouse dedicated to the transformative power of sound.

Luckily, we LOVE a challenge! From the get-go, we were on the same wavelength. The goal was to sculpt a brand that not only mirrored the power of sound but also showcased its potential to empower companies and industries.


Ircam Amplify

Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Prismic)


Constant Revest
Valentin Escané

Samantha Weyer-Brown

Juliette Boué
Frédéric Legall
Axel Sigurdsson

Visualizing Sound

Our concept was to illustrate sound with images, showing the diffusion and experience of sound through a spatial sensation of the environment in which sound propagates. The resulting brand is a vibrant testament to Ircam Amplify's pioneering spirit, characterized by immersive experiences, bold visuals and tech creativity that beckon readers into the unexplored realms of sonic possibilities.

Sound in all its facets

Ircam Amplify is positioned across the entire sound value chain, offering both finished products for large companies and tech products for industry experts. To address this, we crafted a dual-sided brand identity. The front side, in white, illustrates finished sound products, inviting viewers into an immersive experience. The back side, representing the world of studios and sound engineers, features a dark ambience with pixelated and binary graphics, conveying the process of creating sound tech products.

Harmonizing Success

We extend heartfelt gratitude to the Ircam Amplify team for entrusting us with their brand. We've reveled in the adventure, harmonizing our efforts to create a brand that echoes the power of Ircam Amplify's vision. Here's to a bright future, where the sound of success continues to resonate!