The self-employed,
now self-fulfilled.

Indy is the french company that has developed an all-in-one solution to make administrative procedures easier for the self-employed. By developing a technology based on automation, they enable freelancers to be autonomous in the management of their professional lives.

A revolutionary, effective product that has already been adopted by thousands of independent workers. A product-focused vision that has paid off, but one that the company wanted to move away from in order to go even further.

This was the challenge that Indy set us; to inject some spirit back into their brand and enhance their purpose and convictions.



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Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design


Sylvain You
Clément Tremblot
Enya Achi

Camille Dechartres
Constant Revest
Clarisse Talleux
Juliette Boué
Frédéric Le Gall
Coline Ferru

Happy Indypendence Day

And what better way than to return to the source of the company's creation: freelancers. They who always had to manage their administrative procedures without really being experts. They who sometimes had to give up on their independence because it wasn't viable.

It was time to restore their confidence and give them back control. To tell them that with Indy, they were going to gain a complete independence. At Lord, we decided to give back all its meaning to independence by stating: "Independent, truly".

Freelancers, say “freeee”.

Simple yet bold, professional yet warm, the visual territory we deployed brought the independents back to centre stage. Our ambition was to build an empowering and vibrant brand that gave them back their power. Through portraits that embody their whole spirit, the use of flash lighting, a bright colour palette, a statutory typography and playful illustrations, Indy recaptured the essence of its identity.

Success depends on teamwork

A special thanks to the Indy team, particularly Julien and Nelly that took the brand to the next level alongside us and gave freelancers new perspectives.