Where nature, power and people connect.

Do you think green energy is synonymous with frailty, unreliability and unachievable injunctions? ilek, the only certified green energy provider in France, challenges these misconceptions and proves the opposite.

LORD was just starting out when we branded ilek for the first time. As we both grew and evolved, a big change was necessary to help ilek transition from a small industry player to one of the leading French energy providers. ilek pride themselves on giving centre stage to their producers and having an entirely local distribution network. By focusing on the brand promise, we defined a unique way of looking at green energy: it’s all about connections. Connecting energy producers to nature by enabling them to produce in the most respectful way. Connecting users to their producers, because biogas, solar, wind farms and dams are so close to them that they could be neighbours.

Beautiful images of the French countryside bring a tangible quality to the energy sources. The colour palette is vibrant to veer away from the idea that green energy is more fragile than fossil fuels. The illustrations are modular to convey all the necessary information. We created an identity that could evolve with them as they grow and change the energy world for the better.



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Brand Strategy
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Coline Ferru
Constant Revest
Clarisse Talleux
Claire Jaillard
Clément Tremblot
Valentin Escané
Fred Legall
Jean-Charles Couty

Unapologetically green

To move forward in a world where ecology is more of a choice than a duty, we wanted ilek to honour nature in its purest form. We showcase the true beauty of this energy source, up close and personal.  From the sprawling countryside to the sleek surfaces of solar panels, we want you to feel like you're right there. Font and icons are resolutely tech, striking the perfect balance between wilderness and modern reliability. We ditch the idea that "going green" is a boring duty or an unwanted injunction, and turning ecology into a celebration.

a large sign in a park with trees in the background

Creating a connection

Since ilek stands behind producers, we needed to bring them to the forefront. We photographed energy producers from all over France. No greenwashing here - just the reality of biogas and electricity production. ilek's brand is all about connecting people with the source of their energy, showing that the green solution is closer than they think.

a t - shirt hanging on a tree branch with the word iek printed on

Beautiful authenticity

Trust can only be obtained by keeping it 100% real. Thanks Rémy, Clémence and team for being sure of your brand identity and for never apologising for seeing a bright future in ecology.