The New Standard for cross-border transactions

Trading globally has never been an easy task for small and medium businesses. It’s a challenge to navigate the complexities of cross-border payments, to deal with slow, costly and unreliable currency transactions, to face unexpected fees and risks. Luckily for them, iBanFirst is just the partner they need to become world-agile! They give them the power-boost to unlock the potentials of a borderless world.

How? iBanFirst offers a next-generation payment experience that combines the power of its platform with the support of top FX experts. With iBanFirst, businesses can operate payments across borders seamlessly, save time and money, feel in control and make faster and smarter decisions.

Working closely with iBanFirst, we quickly realised that they are much more than just a payment provider. They ooze ambition and agility, own a super powerful tech and are trusted long-term partners for SMBs. Our challenge when building their brand was to make these key assets come alive and shine.

The visuals we created for them are lively and dynamic, in constant motion, to represent both the agility, speed and performance that characterise them, and the transfers, exchanges and flows that are at the heart of their business. The atmosphere that emerges is at once technological, unique, vibrant and human... a savvy mix that resembles them.



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Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design


Audrey Couette
Fanny Guilhen
Samantha Weyer-Brown
Valentin Escané
Fred Le Gall
Constant Revest

a cell phone with a picture of two people on ita person typing on a laptop on a table

The gateway to new opportunities

iBanFirst, together with small and medium-sized businesses, are creating a future where borders are no longer barriers but gateways to new opportunities. This inspired us a lot : we brushed up the logo and modernised it, keeping the arrow pointing to the right, a symbol of ambition and progress, and adding that distinctive little vibration that characterises the brand and gives it its unique strength. The typography is linear, modern, statutory and technological. In one word, sleek.

an escalator with purple and red lines on it
a building with a sign on the front of ita man in a suit and glasses with the words go big in the word
a building with a sign that says trust beyond borders

Good vibrations

This new identity was deployed on the web with fluid animations and a very technological universe, based on black and vibrant patterns, softened by a more refined typography in the headline, touches of beige, large portraits and close-ups of users to highlight the human dimension of the brand, which empowers SMEs across borders. The images of the platform have also been animated to illustrate the efficiency of iBanFirst, with simple use and instant transactions.

a brown bag sitting on top of a black chair
a black shipping container with the word iban first on it

Let’s make the world our playing field!

The aim of the new branding is to make SMBs proud. Proud of their ambition. Proud of their business. Proud of their uniqueness. And we too are proud to have had the opportunity to work with iBanFirst and create a great brand that lives up to their ambition, values, and uniqueness. Thank you the iBan team for the adventure!