It’s time to give power back to the people

Whether it's going to work, riding around town or travelling until the battery runs out, electric bikes are taking over cities around the world. And with growing energy concerns, it seems that power is definitely out of the hands of the citizens.

Gouach is on a mission to challenge planned obsolescence in the battery industry and provide users and manufacturers with transparent and clean energy solutions. Their batteries are not only easy to build, repair, and reuse, but also ultimately recyclable, ensuring a better future for generations to come.

So how do we help a company so committed to fighting planned obsolescence expand without loosing sight of the strong values that made them so unique in the first place? Our solution was to scale up the fight. Getting bigger means fighting harder.

We defined a bold look that embraced the codes of powerful technology and urban flair. We created a high-tech futuristic with an electric colour palette. A vision of the world that Gouach is campaigning for. Daring visual codes and gutsy claims allowed Gouach to establish themselves even more than before.



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Webflow)


Clément Tremblot
Vincent Bidaux
Constant Revest
Victoria Levêque
Samantha Weyer-Brown

a cell phone sitting on top of a white pillow

Entering the green geek era

Gouach is a strong activist brand for the environment that’s the opposite of a boho brand. The batteries get all their benefits from the fact that users repair and replace them themselves. We embraced nerdy futuristic codes to the max for a resolutely geeky experience, garanteed to keep the boring out of ecology.

Using ecological as a synonym for strong

Because in the end the fight is all about power, electric and figurative, we took visual notes from E-Races (the electric car racing championships). Changing battery cells is like making a mid-race pit stop: it only makes you stronger.

From our cyclists to yours

This rebranding project really struck a chord with the cyclists in the LORD team who use their electric bikes as a means of transportation, without seing the true change they are part of. Thanks to Alexandre, Capucine and Caroline for your inspiring commitment to changing the world and for energising us in turn!