Turning tokens into value.

Flowdesk combines significant experience in traditional markets with an acute knowledge of algorithmic and crypto trading. They have developed a trading infrastructure which integrates more than 70 centralised and decentralised exchanges. They’ve combined this technology with their expertise to bring the best of crypto finance to their clients, always putting their interests first.

Given the rapidly evolving landscape of crypto finance, LORD was approached to reposition Flowdesk as a pioneering brand, leading the charge as a new type of crypto-financial enabler. At the core of our work lies the representation of the flow, embodying Flowdesk's commitment to clarity, care, and agility. To achieve this, we designed Flowdesk’s initial as if we were crafting a new currency. We employed abstract 3D animations and gradients, bringing the blockchain to life in a sleek and rigorous brand that is firmly focused on the future.



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Webflow)


Constant Revest
Clément Tremblot
Valentin Escané
Fred Legall
Victoria Lévêque
Axel Sigurdsson

Going with the flow

Showing the flow goes beyond a simple technological choice; it serves as a means to effectively convey the comfort and ease of use that are inherent in their services. Unhurried animations imbue the brand with an added sense of care, and allow us to visualise the crypto-currency exchanges.

Straightforward as a means towards tranquility

Crypto trading can't get any easier than with Flowdesk. We chose brand colours, fonts and layouts that are as straightforward as possible. No fads, no gimmicks: that’s where Flowdesk’s reassurance stems from.

a sign on a wall that says the best of strategy market - making at your

The future of currency

Some projects run smoothly, and some are just effortless. Thanks Paul and Guilhem for the synergy, we can’t wait to see what comes next for Flowdesk.