Enter the First Time Right Revolution

Our modern societies rely heavily on field service companies. All these people who fix problems, make repairs, install things and make sure everything runs smoothly. Without them, we’re doomed ! No internet, no electricity, no nothing! Yet these companies crumble under the weight of our expectations. They are asked to work faster and better, while suffering a major talent crisis. In the end, us customers suffer from this too. Poor service, botched jobs and repeat visits are frustrating and a big waste of time.

Deepomatic has the tools and the solutions. They have computer vision expertise and a strong vision for society. So they rolled up their sleeves and decided to tackle the problem head on : ending the quality crisis in field services once and for all. Empowering companies to deliver quality infrastructure at the pace of the new economy. Making sure all field workers succeed in their missions, 100% of the time, in no time.

Deepomatic had gold in its hands but wasn’t sure how to pass it on. They came to LORD with a new narrative : it wasn’t about providing computer vision technology to “help” companies “see” what was happening on site in real time. Deepomatic was about making sure workers get the job done right the first time, every time. Giving them the tools to industialize quality at scale. Ending the quality crisis. It’s a whole new mindframe with endless possibilities. It’s no less than a revolution.

The brand we created had to convey this sense of empowerment and grandeur. We wanted it premium and bold, with large typefaces, striking gradients and powerful visuals that would beckon readers into this new world of possibilities. The result is both a vibrant statement of Deepomatic's pioneering spirit and an open invitation to join the First Time Right Revolution.



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Prismic)


Constant Revest
Valentin Escané

Samantha Weyen-Brown

Clément Tremblot

Juliette Boué
Frédéric Legall

A high quality experience

We experienced first-hand Deepomatic's incredible trajectory and are very proud to have been part of this journey. We had a great connection and lots of inspiration, which always leads to a strong brand. We can't wait to see where Deepomatic goes next. Next stop: the moon!