The payroll nightmare is over

Small shops and restaurants are the beating heart of the economy, and the soul of any neighbourhood. However, the challenges faced by managers of such establishments are often understated, such as organisational hurdles, end-of-the-month pressures, and tedious spreadsheets. 80% of employees in Europe work in this sector, and this is their daily life.

Snapshift is a human resources management platform designed to simplify the management workload. Its founder, Olivier Severyns, is a former restaurant owner who understood firsthand the challenges faced by small businesses. Currently, with 8000 teams using its tools every day, Snapshift engaged LORD to rebrand its image for international expansion.

Our first task was renaming the company. Snapshift became Combo: easy to pronounce in any language, positive and aligned with their time optimisation techniques. Because the market is still growing and small businesses still struggle to understand the solutions available to them, Combo wanted a tech-first approach. We worked alongside the Combo team to create a brand that highlights Combo's product as the only platform for efficient business growth.



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Webflow)
Product design


Axel Sigurdsson
Camille Dechartres
Fred Legall
Clarisse Talleux
Coline Ferru
Claire Jaillard
Victoria Levêque
Samantha Weyer-Brown
Juliette Boué
Valentin Escané

Handcrafted tech

The Combo app is continually evolving, continually addressing the real issues faced by businesses in the field. The graphic elements of the new brand are an homage to the traditional way of conducting business, with handwritten notes and paper documents. We combine these traditional elements with modern and rigorous technology visuals to strike a balance between a polished, professional interface and a human touch.

Stronger together

Combo has always been committed to supporting small businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, their app was completely free. To foster a sense of community, we organised photo features of various businesses that use the platform, including gyms, stores, and restaurants. We aim to inspire a "can-do" attitude, showing that success is achievable with the right tools. Because Combo believes that collective action is essential to meet the demands of retail workers.

a person holding a box of food in their hand

Bye bye to megacorps

Thank you Olivier, Hanne and team for letting us play a part in your fight to make small businesses an attractive sector again!