Museums for all!

Join the Revolution! Embark on a Cultural Journey with Bumpy
Discover a world of wonder as you explore exhibitions, heritage sites, and artistic venues. Whether you're a curious kid, a daring teen, or a seasoned adult, Bumpy is your guide to unforgettable cultural outings with family.

Experience the Bumpy Difference
Immerse yourself in a universe inspired by manga and street culture, where tradition meets innovation. Bumpy breathes new life into museums, captivating a younger audience and sparking a renewed passion for cultural exploration.

Meet the Bumpy Squad
Join Bumpy, the wise elephant sharing his wealth of knowledge, Naoko, the adventurous monkey astronaut, Georges, the caring guardian ensuring everyone's well-being, and the discerning Bird siblings. Together, they'll show you that with Bumpy, everything is possible.

Join the Bumpy Art Nation.

Come and celebrate art, culture, and community. Become a member of the Bumpy Art Nation and embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration.


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