Flying High on Cleaner Skies

Picture this: a world where air travel isn't just convenient but sustainable too. That's the vision driving Ascendance FT, a company determined to reshape aviation with hybrid electric propulsion technology. Their mission? To redefine air travel as we know it – cleaner, greener, and undeniably cooler.

But let's be real here – breaking into an industry as established as aviation isn't a walk in the park. Ascendance FT faced headwinds in convincing society that hybrid electric propulsion was the future. That's where we stepped onto the runway.

Our task? To give Ascendance FT the makeover they deserved, transforming their brand from mere imagery to tangible reality. Their previous brand lacked substance, so we grounded it in authenticity, showcasing their products with real photos and technical drawings. We wanted to invite people into the creation process, making them active participants in the sustainable journey.

So, we got to work crafting a sleek, modern brand identity that matched Ascendance FT's cutting-edge technology. And guess what? It worked. Ascendance FT is leading the charge towards cleaner skies, electrifying the aviation industry one flight at a time !



Project type

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Content
Web Design
Front development (Webflow)


Samantha Weyer-Brown
Axel Sigurdsson
Clarisse Talleux
Camille Dechartres
Clément Tremblot
Jean-Charles Couty
Constant Revest

Soaring to New Heights

Ascendance FT's brand journey mirrored their commitment to innovation and sustainability. We didn't just tell a story; we painted a vivid picture where cleaner skies are within reach, today.

With bold visuals and captivating storytelling, we ensured that every aspect of the brand screamed "future of flight”, resonating with the spirit of progress.

This led us to position Ascendance FT as both trustworthy and trailblazing. Their brand radiates innovation while remaining approachable and reliable, setting a new standard in the aviation industry.

A model of Atea flying through the air

A Heartfelt Departure

Here's to Ascendance FT – for their trust, their partnership, and the incredible journey we've embarked upon together. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your voyage towards sustainable greatness. Together, let's continue to reach for the skies !